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College Student

Ben A., Professional
Development Coach

"I found the program not only to be informative but also insightful with the introduction of mindfulness meditation and EFT tapping in addition to other coaching strategies that were learned. I appreciate that there was flexibility with the program because of everything that was going on with COVID. I anticipate starting my own coaching business within 2-3 months. Excellent content, the reading material was also very insightful. My rating is 5! 

Female Student

Vanessa B., Professional
Development Coach

"The coaching program was packed with extremely useful information. I appreciated that I had some control over the pacing of the program, while also having guidance as to when assignments are to be turned in. It worked well with my busy schedule. I believe I have been given the knowledge and support needed to apply coaching not only at work, but also in my personal life. This program is well worth it and I highly recommend it! Five stars!"

College Students

Jessica B., Professional Development Coach

This program exposed me to not only new information, but new ideas, new perspectives, and a whole new way of looking at my role as a manager. In this program I really felt like I was my first client. Everything I learned had the effect on me that we want for our clients: it motivated me, helped me clarify my goals, and encouraged me to take more ownership and control of my life.

This program has provided me with the skills and knowledge required to start a coaching business.

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