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Teresa McKee, CEO of Work2Live, is a transformation and leadership coach, certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, EFT practitioner and writer. Combining her training and education, including a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.S. in Psychology, specializing in Leadership Coaching Psychology, with her experience of over 35 years as a business consultant, Teresa integrates behavioral science with results-oriented processes to help executives and teams achieve their goals.

In addition to executive coaching, Teresa facilitates workshops and webinars, conducts conference presentations and facilitates the Dynamic Coaching Certification Program. She is also the host of A Mindful Moment podcast, produced in both English and Spanish, to help people learn how to live a more enriching life. She is currently providing leadership and team development trainings, leadership coaching,  and self-development and advocacy trainings to community members and organizations including parents and nonprofit leaders. She has also recently introduced online mindfulness classes to coaching professionals in the United States and Canada and is a member of the Mindful Society Global Institute.

Teresa is an avid volunteer and in addition to volunteering for various events, has served as Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the My Stuff Bags Foundation since 2014, and was a member of the finance committee for Maternal Mental Health NOW.  


Her new book, Dynamic Response Ability, will soon be released by Balboa Press.

Melissa Sims, CPDC(c), RYT is our Program Director. She manages our full breadth of programs from co-creation to facilitation with our students. She is also our blog writer, and the voice behind many of our YouTube videos. She brings over 13 years experience in social media management, and has written numerous guest pieces for various industries, including travel, real estate and yoga. Melissa is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, and sometimes brings yoga, mindful meditation, breath work, and asana into our workshops. 

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Michael McKee has over 20 years' of experience writing and developing curriculum as an AP teacher.  With an M.S. in education from Pepperdine University, he brings a unique depth of educational knowledge and experience to the Work2Live programs. Having worked with thousands of teenagers, in addition to facilitating professional development for teachers, Michael knows what it takes to have a lesson received while providing the motivation, inspiration and support that learners need to achieve success.  


Our Past & Current Clients

  • El Nido Family Services w/Baldwin Park Unified School District

  • Families in Good Health w/Childcare Resource Center

  • First 5 Best Start Community El Monte/South El Monte

  • First 5 LA Home Visiting Programs (22 Agency Sites) 

  • Friends of the Family w/Harbor Regional Center

  • Gospel Church of Christian Fellowship

  • Los Angeles Babies Best Network (LABBN)

  • LIFT Los Angeles

  • Mama's Neighborhood (LA County Department of Public Health)


  • Partnership for Families

  • Public Health Institute of California

  • Spiritt Family Services

  • Welcome Baby Program (13 Hospital Sites)

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