Develop leadership skills to help you flourish in any organizational culture.


  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Must have a device with video camera and microphone

  • Must have reliable access to high speed internet

  • Must have or set up a Google Account (modules are in Google Docs)


(Appx 150 hrs completed within six months of start date)​

  • Complete all required classes plus certification application (approximately 94 hours minimum)

  • Conduct 24 coaching sessions with clients and submit session reports for each (24 hours min)

  • Submit 24 summary reports on coaching sessions conducted. (12 hours min)

  • Submit practical application summaries on all reading assignments (10 hours min)

  • Complete (or provide proof of having already completed) ten hours of psychotherapy, coaching or related mental/emotional therapeutic sessions. (10 hours min)


7 Modules Offered:

  • Group Dynamics

  • Authentic Communication

  • Managing Conflict

  • Coaching & Accountability

  • Staff Engagement & Retention

  • Time Management & Goal Setting

  • Mindful Leadership

certification renewal

  • A minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year.

  • Proof of continuing education (classes, seminars or other training).

  • Summary report on activities/experience in prior year.

  • Video conference call w/W2L Facilitator

  • Adherence to all ethical codes of conduct and standards (no violations reported).

  • Submission of documentation and renewal fee.